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Shenandoah Run


Shenandoah Run invites you to share in the songs and sounds of American folk music, from the 1960s to today, from the esoteric to the toe-tappingly familiar, all treated to the lush vocal harmony and skillful instrumental backing that define the group’s instantly recognizable sound.


The group merges the talents of nine musicians with years of combined experience.  With their collective insight, intuition, and love of great music, they produce arrangements that are fresh, varied, and often unexpected, while still remaining true to the spirit of the folk-music sound.  And they deliver it all with a musical chemistry that delights both audiences and the performers themselves.


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Shenandoah Run's CD, "Winter To Spring" Available For Purchase

Our second CD, SR, was released in May 2016 Available For Purchase

"Give Me Just A Little More Time", Traditional

"Roddy McCorley", Traditional

"Wild Montana Skies", by John Denver


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