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Shenandoah Run performs at

The Rams Head in Annapolis

May 13, 2018

Joe will be teaching in June

2018 at the John C Campbell Folk School


A week long intensive course at the John C. Campbell Folk School, in NC, June 4 - 8, 2018.

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Course description:


Wood is an expressive medium, one which conveys stress, character, and beauty. Starting with some seemingly unlikely tree parts, we will discuss where the artful forms might reside and options to bring them out. Well-accepted elements of design, applied to woodturning, provide a vocabulary to discuss the "art of the craft" to enhance the appeal of turned pieces. Practice applying these elements through hands-on exploration. Turners of all levels should benefit.


Shenandoah Run

is pleased to announce

that the band has performed

its 100th concert.

Joe was Honored as the

Annie Award Winner for

Lifetime Achievement

 by The Arts Council of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

October 12, 2016

Shenandoah Run performed at the

Strathmore  Mansion

November 8, 2015

Shenandoah Run performed in the 34th Annual,

2015 Washington Folklife Festival at Glen Echo Park


Wood / Paper / Metal


Shaping wood as it rotates on a lathe, Joe Dickey transforms craggy chunks into sleek forms with flawless surfaces. But the Davidsonville, Md., woodturner sometimes leaves a rough patch to demonstrate the material’s origins. Among his pieces in “Wood / Paper / Metal,” at the Watergate Gallery, is one made from a remnant of the Wye Oak, Maryland’s state tree, which was felled in a 2002 storm. The hanging sculpture is an almost perfect circle, with one unfinished arc.


Dickey often stains the exteriors of his hollowed-out constructions with vivid dyes, highlighted by layers of varnish. The gleaming, uniform hues contrast with the natural tones of the interiors, which may have black veins caused by fungal decay. The artist dries the wood fully, so that no further deterioration is possible, and what was once harmful becomes decorative. One way Dickey pays tribute to the former trees is that he takes care not to transfigure them entirely.


A retired physicist, Dickey invokes the interstellar with “Cephei,” named for a star system. Hanging nearby is “Orbit,” a sympatico print by EJ Montgomery, the show’s paper artist. Her abstractions array simple forms, mostly circles and squares, in complex juxtapositions. Neon-bright red and pink encounter and sometimes overlap metallic-ink silver and copper, all heightened by the patterns of the textured paper. Although the basic elements of Montgomery’s compositions can be read in an instant, the details invite prolonged inspection.


Wood / Paper / Metal    On view through Jan. 17 at Watergate Gallery, 2552 Virginia Ave. NW. 202-338-4488.

Joe was awarded the Crafts Design Award

by the














The Crafts Design Award is an international, annual competition for all nominated artisans, craftspeople and designers. The primary aim of the award is to honor and support the best ideas and concepts and recognize its excellent realization.

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